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Feedseer gives users the ability to automatically filter out/categorize toots based on their content.

Introduction to Feedseer

How is Feedseer different from Mastodon?

Feedseer's qualifier store gives you the superpowers needed to:

  • Ignore abusive comments from users you don't follow. Check out the Abuse qualifier in our store.
  • Filter out toots on topics you are not interested in. Qualifier store has qualifiers on several topics.
  • Create qualifiers to suit your specific needs.

Qualifier store is similar to an App Store on your phone. Browse the store to install the qualifiers you like, review them or create your own qualifiers.

How does Feedseer let you control your timeline?

Feedseer gives you the ability to automatically filter out/categorize toots based on their content. Qualifiers analyze the content of a toot and take action based on that. Based on a qualifier's output, actions can be configured to either hide a toot or move it to a folder. Users can create their own qualifiers to analyze different types of toots or provide interesting insights on a toot's content.

How to use Feedseer

  • Navigate to Qualifier Store.
  • Click on a qualifier name to see a qualifier's details.
  • Read the qualifier description to understand the type of analysis performed on a toot.
  • Qualifier endpoint is where a qualifier is hosted. See the How to create qualifiers section below to understand how qualifiers access your toots. Qualifiers cannot access your profile information.
  • Add a qualifier to your profile by clicking the Install button.
  • Click the Add filter button to set up an action based on a qualifier's response. The response can be true or false based on whether or not a toot is related to what the qualifier was looking for.
  • Select a filter condition based on the qualifier's response.
  • Select the action to be taken on a toot that qualifies:
    • Set the action to Skip Inbox to remove it from your timelines.
    • Select Move to folder and provide a folder name, to move the toot to a folder.
  • Save the qualifier.
  • You can update your qualifier's configuration here.

Please write a review for the qualifiers you use so that others can benefit from it. Also, mention the version of qualifier you are reviewing.

How to create qualifiers

  • Navigate to this page.
  • Click on Add qualifier button.
  • Provide a good name and description for your qualifier.
  • Description should include the kind of content a qualifier analyzes and the corresponding response (true or false) it returns.
  • Endpoint is the HTTPS URL that will be called with a toot's content.
  • Request will have a content-type: application/json header.
  • Request body format will be:
  "text": "Hello seers!"
  • Response body format (content-type: application/json) should be:
  "result": true or false (Boolean)
  • HTTP Headers will be set on the request sent to your endpoint. It can be used to set authentication headers.
  • Version can be used to indicate improvements to your qualifier. This helps users review a specific version of a qualifier.
  • Select a category for the qualifier from the provided list.
  • Save your qualifier.

A qualifier will be called only once per toot.


  • Provide more qualifiers out-of-the-box
  • Media toots with qualifiers
  • Granular control over enabling qualifiers